Haji+ Shinchishin ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~ ep2

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Description: Haji: Shinchishin  /  Haji+  

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Daiki, a perverted teacher who loves the embarrassment of a beautiful girl, has enjoyed the appearance of enduring shame by tying and playing with her childhood friend Hina, but with a recent sense of rut I was looking for a new subject to make use of my position ... Mina Shijo, a beautiful girl who rises as a candidate for such a metamorphosis Mina , a young lady of an old family, is a good girl who is cheerful and cheerful and can get along with anyone. She is, but she is also a disappointing child who is a little lacking in Otsumu and indiscriminately plunges into the wrong thing ... I'm planning a situation that I can't do ...  


Haji+ Shinchishin ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~ ep1   

Haji+ Shinchishin ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~ ep2
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