Delivery Chi*ko wo Tanomitai Onee-san ep1 ENG

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Description: デリバリーち〇こを頼みたい お姉さん / Delivery Chi*ko o Tanomitai Onee-san / Delivery Chinko o Tanomitai Onee-san  

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Deribari Chinko o Tanomitai Onee-san is a hentai anime adaptation from PinkPineapple studio based on the manga of the same name authored by Denbu Momo in September 2022.

The main character of hentai has been masturbating for days, but she still can’t satisfy herself. At one point, she decides to buy herself a pretty dildo. She registers on the website “Uber Dicks” and it turns out that there you can order a real dick with delivery of 15 minutes. …
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